about us

Our mission is to elevate your wellness routine through improved sleep and sharper focus, optimizing every part of your day.

Our Story

Living in New York City, we were constantly balancing it all – full-time jobs, family commitments, social events and a constant list of to-dos. With an overbooked schedule, we found ourselves getting little to no sleep, leaving us drained and unproductive the following days. Extra caffeine left us jittery and OTC sleep aids made us groggy, only adding to the everyday stress.

The reality is that we weren’t the only ones. With 1 in 3 Americans reporting sleep deprivation and 1 in 2 claiming to have trouble focusing, we decided to create our own all-natural remedy that could help us, and so many others, break this cycle. Our formula combined a powerful blend of science-backed ingredients - all-natural, effective and proven to work.

Melli Wellness was born as more than just a wellness company, but a community that believes in cognitive well-being as an essential part of everyday health. Whether you're seeking better sleep, sharper focus, or a more balanced lifestyle, our mission remains simple: better days for everyone. Thanks for being a part of the Melli Wellness community. Here's to better days, together

- The Melli Team

  • All Natural, Always

    Free of pesticides, parabens, and heavy metals, our products are 3rd party-tested to ensure that we’re delivering only the cleanest and most effective formulas. Natural, non-gmo, vegan and gluten-free.

  • Backed by Science

    Our formulas were meticulously crafted using a powerful blend of science-backed ingredients. We researched, revised and tested our formulas to deliver targeted solutions, proven to work.

  • Driven by Community

    We listen, we learn and we innovate to provide the most effective solutions for our customers. Our goal is to build not just effective products, but a like-minded community dedicated to cognitive well-being.