• Our Formula

    Feeling good should be natural and easy. That’s why we created an all-natural blend combining functional mushrooms, nootropics and adaptogens, to deliver targeted solutions, proven to work.

    Carefully curated and third-party tested, our formulas provide a clean, all-natural and effective solution to optimize your daily routine for better sleep and improved focus.

    With Melli gummies you can finally enjoy better days, naturally.

    Benefits of daily use

    • Enhances focus and energy
      Lions Mane, Cordyceps, Green Tea Leaf and Vitamin B12 deliver calm, focused energy.
    • Promotes deep sleep
      Melatonin and Chamomile Flower work together to help you fall into a deep and restorative sleep.
    • Combats stress
      Reishi, Ashwagandha and L-Theanine help relax an overactive mind and combat daily stressors.
    • Optimizes daily performance
      Our products work together to deliver improved sleep and sharper focus for optimized daily performance.

Reishi Mushroom

A functional mushroom used to calm an overactive mind and enhance sleep quality

Shoden Ashwagandha

A natural herb commonly used to reduce stress and calm the mind


An amino acid found in tea leaves, that promotes relaxation through its involvement in the release of GABA (a calming neurotransmitter)

Chamomile Flower

A plant used to promote sleep through its natural sedative properties


A natural hormone produced by the body to improve and regulate sleep quality and cycles

Lion's Mane

Often referred to as the "smart mushroom", Lion's Mane is known to boost productivity and mental sharpness


This functional mushroom stimulates the central nervous system and adrenal glands for a steady release of energy

Green Tea Leaf Extract

Rich in antioxidants, Green Tea is a natural stimulant known to improve focus and alertness

Vitamin B12

A nutrient that plays a crucial role in maintaining energy levels and supporting brain health

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